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Complete Guide to Making it in Hollywood
6-audio cassette album. Over 4 hours of inside scoop with detailed overview of Hollywood plus interviews with 16 of Hollywood's award winning producers, directors, writers, actors, agents & below-the-line crew. You'll learn well guarded secrets--including how to get that first break, how to break in from out-of town, how to attract an agent, how to avoid rip-offs, what producers & agents look for, how to get someone to read your script, and much more.
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For Actors Only
1-hour tape. Detailed information on how to break in as an actor--from taking your pictures, typing your resume, to attracting agents, producers and casting directors. You'll hear from 9 Hollywood decision-makers including a top talent agent, 2 feature film producers, 2 television personalities, & several television producers and directors.
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How to Make it in Hollywood as a Christian
1-hour video. Rogers explodes the myths of the barriers in Hollywood. You'll see and hear how some of Hollywood's most successful talent broke in & reached the top of their fields. If they can do it, then so can you! Interviews with 15 of Hollywood' s elite-including Academy and Emmy award winning producers, directors, writers, actors, agents and below-the line crew.
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The Hollywood Package
INCLUDES: "The Complete Guide to Making it in Hollywood" 6-cassette album, "How to Make it in Hollywood & STILL be a Christian" video, plus bonus cassette "For Actors Only".
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