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01 - The Automatic 2nd Date
Fed up with too few call-backs for 2nd dates or a lack of 1st dates in the first place? The Automatic 2nd Date fixes both with step-by-step secrets for getting plenty of 1st date plus details on how to act before, during and after your date to automatically compel him to call you back. Dating Expert Victorya Rogers teaches her proven secrets that got her well over 100 1st dates with 98% calling her back for a 2nd. Follow Victorya’s advice and you too are guaranteed to transform your repeat date ratio!
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Finding a Man Worth Keeping
Ever wonder why you’re alone or keep dating Mr. Wrong? From models and movie stars, Hollywood agent Victorya Rogers learned how to attract any man, but not how to keep one or how to find a quality one! After years of research, practice and mistakes, Victorya finally mastered the missing skills. Now happily married, Victorya reveals the top 10 secrets of finding, attracting and keeping not just any guy, but the right guy.
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How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out
Do you "freak out" when it comes to talking about your faith? Are you afraid--afraid of personal rejection, ridicule, of not knowing how, or of not having all the answers? This book offers easy solutions to those who freeze up, freak out, or "Pass" on the thrill of talking about God. This humorously written book will help you push your fears aside and enjoy the thrill of sharing the most intimate part of your life--your faith. Written by a Hollywood Agent, Music Composer and Television Producer, who have lived and taught these principals for more than fifteen years.
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The Day I Met God
The Day I Met God is a collection of powerful true stories of life changing miracles told by extraordinary people. Young or old, rich or poor, famous or infamous - they were all searching for something to fill a void in their lives, and they all found it in a personal, life-changing encounter with God. These 32 amazing stories show how God uses their circumstances of our lives - good, bad, and worse, - to arrange a meeting with Himself. Through miraculous vision, quiet revelations, life and death situations, or gentle persuasion, these people met God, and He filled their empty hearts with freedom, joy and hope.
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