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Volks SD13 Irvin:

Barbie Con Bracelet
Now includes all FIVE of our special convention issues, including the all-virtual only 2008 "On The Runway", sold out 2007 "Fabulous Face", 2009 "Celebration", 2010 "Rock On!" and this year's "Reunion". USB is reusable, and issues can be downloaded to your computer. Includes shipping- a great deal for international customers! Choose black or blue in comments box at the end of your order.
Price: $30.00 Quantity:

Black Jam Packed Bracelet
It's back in black! Three special issues on 1gig of storage to wear around your wrist!
Price: $30.00 Quantity:

Blue Jam Packed Bracelet
Now, our bracelet is back in blue! 1gig of storage and featuring our Dolpa3, Barbie and Tonner Dreamscapes issues.
Price: $30.00 Quantity:

Dolpa3 Bracelet
Relive the fun and fantasy of Volks Dolpa! Choose black or blue in comments box at end of order.
Price: $20.00 Quantity:

Tonner Con Bracelet- Dreamscapes
Get your Tonner on! Choose color in comments box at end of order. Black or blue.
Price: $20.00 Quantity: