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Community Activators:

Creating Positive, Resilient Organizations

Public sector organizations bring hope and health to our communities. But the fast pace and high workload – and under-resourced condition in most social service, civic, and faith- based organizations – leave employees struggling with their own hope as they try to survive the onslaught of their work on a daily basis.

In this high-energy and no-nonsense presentation, Anderson translates and combines the most recent science on how humans create and sustain hope, along with community sustainability research, into a compelling and clear action model that can be used by any group to create a powerful and sustainable culture of hope in demanding work environments. You WILL be more hopeful about your group after listening to this presentation.

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Creating Welcoming Cultures in Helping Organizations

Welcoming –- What is it? More than good customer service, more than creating a "friendly atmosphere," a welcoming culture leads to increased hope, improved teamwork, and targeted outcomes. It provides a reliable foundation for connecting the core beliefs of an organization with its daily practices. For more than 20 years, Bruce Anderson has provided in-depth, action-oriented Creating Welcoming Cultures consultations to groups of many kinds—civic, service, educational, and advocacy. In this energizing and practical audio presentation, Anderson defines "welcoming" concisely, identifies the crucial Four Thinking Shifts for both individuals and organizations, and then describes in detail an action model that will create and sustain a welcoming culture in your group. Stories and examples clearly illustrate how the concepts can be utilized by anyone who asks: How welcoming are we?.

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The Teacher's Gift
Discovering and Using Your Core Gift to Inspire and Heal:

Every teacher has a core gift : a specific and identifiable attribute of their teaching style which is tied to both their talents and their difficult life experiences. Identifying and intentionally using this core gift provides powerful results in both the learner and the teacher's life - moments which can take learning to levels not commonly seen in classrooms, social service offices, or mentoring on street corners.

Weaving learning theory, mentoring tradition, spirituality and psychology into a coherent explanation of why teachers are so passionate about their work, Anderson makes a solid case that good teaching requires bringing together two of the most important activities of mankind - healing oneself and helping others expand their idea of who they might be in the world.

Anderson's stories and examples, along with the included teacher's dialogue, will help teachers of all kinds understand and more fully use their driving passion to help others learn.

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