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5. 6.8 Bolts and Charge Handles:

> 6.8 SPC Bolt
6.8 SPC complete bolt assembly, goes in your bolt carrier.
Price: $60.00 Quantity:

> 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group
6.8 SPC complete bolt and bolt carrier assembly with firing pin.
Price: $130.00 Quantity:

> Standard Charge Handle
Standard AR-15 charge handle
Price: $18.00 Quantity:

> TAC Latch Charge Handle
Badger TAC Latch charge handle
Price: $35.00 Quantity:

6.8 SPC Left-handed Bolt Carrier Group
Continental Machine Tool (Stag Arms) 6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier Group, left-handed. SPECIAL ORDER, ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR DELIVERY.
Price: $175.00 Quantity: